Glow-in-the-Dark Ligatures

  • Low profile and fit under bracket tie wings to avoid irritating the gingiva.
  • 120” in diameter
  • Available in Glow Blue, Glow Green, Glow Orange, Glow Red, Glow Natural and Glow Purple.
  • Made in the USA and latex-free.

Rotation Wedges

Unique wedge shape provides increased contact, allowing more force to be transmitted to the tooth. Latex-free.

Archwire Bumper Sleeving

  • Slides over wire to reduce irritation
  • Maintains space where desired
  • Ideal for extraction of maintenance
  • Latex-free
  • Available in .27″ diameter in Grey and Clear
  • 10 foot spool


  • Unique pusher design
  • Excellent tool to encourage wearing and regularly changing elastics
  • Available in Vivid Multi Pack
  • 100 per pack


Silicone Plier Code Rings

  • Suitable for all sterilisation processess
  • Assorted colours
  • 80 pieces
  • Large 1/4″

Enchanted™ Latex Elastics

  • Available in amber and assorted colors
  • Made from finest surgical grade natural latex rubber to ensure reliable force delivery
  • Dispensed in Enchanted-themed box, which can stand on counter or a convenient wall dispenser
  • Each box contains 50 color-coded patient packs
  • Each patient pack contains 100 elastics (5,000 total elastics)
  • Bonus: Elastic placement tool included in each box!

Click here to download Enchanted Size Chart

Manufacturing G&H® Elastics

Fresh Latex – G&H® uses only Surgical Class I Grade  natural latex with exacting I.D. and O.D. tolerances. Weekly shipments of tubing ensure fresh latex for maximum performance elastics.

G&H® precision cutter blades are recalibrated and  sharpened multiple times daily. Elastics are precision cut to force value. Clean-cut edges ensure consis-tent expansion and force.

G&H® calibrated load cell testing every 15 minutes during production ensures exact and consistent force values. Elastics are tested at the industry standard expansion of 3 times passive diameter. Elastics are also 100% visually inspected and quality checked.

Elastomeric Ligature Ties

Our Elastomeric Ligature Ties are Latex-Free and have a .120” diameter size. Choose from various fashionable colours that your patients will love. They also resist fading and fit easily under bracket tie-wings. 1000 per Pack. Available in various colours – see chart bleow.

Click here to download Elastomeric Colour Chart

Elastomeric Thread

Latex-free and moisture & stain resistant. Available in .025″ Clear & Grey. 25 foot spool. Available in Solid or Hollow Thread.

Solid Thread

  • Exerts continuous long lasting, predictable force
  • Ideal for rotations, retractions and figure 8’s
  • Made from strong high-quality elastomeric resins
  • Won’t unravel, absorb moisture, deteriorate or stain
  • Fresh materials assure long shelf life
  • Latex-Free and made in the USA
  • Available .025” Clear
  • Grey & other sizes available on special order
  • 25 foot spool

Hollow Thread

  • Ideal for rotation corrections, cuspid retractions and figure 8’s
  • Consolidate space in the entire arch
  • The Elastic tube offers good memory and is easy to ligate
  • Knots stay tied because tubing crushes at the knot and remains firmly in place
  • Tubing is put through a special heat-curing process that extends elasticity
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Fresh materials assure long shelf life
  • Latex-Free and made in the USA
  • Available .025” Clear
  • Grey & other sizes available on special order
  • 25 foot spool

Single Separators

  • Radio opaque
  • Precision-cut
  • Blue separating elastics are made from tough absorption-free elastomeric material
  • Holds elasticity without deterioration
  • Separates teeth rapidly due to faster elastic recovery
  • Easily placed and good visibility
  • Latex-Free and made in the USA
  • Large size
  • 1000 per pack



Elastomeric Chain

  • Moisture, stain and odour resistant
  • Latex-free
  • .026” thickness
  • High elasticity with superior memory and rebound
  • Long, Short and Continuous available in Silver & Clear
  • Various colours available on special order
  • 15 foot length
  • Made in USA

Special Orders colours available – see colour chart below: