Super Elastic Nickel Titanium

Orthoshop’s Super Elastic Nickel Titanium (NiTi) wires are formulated to provide consistent, predictable forces during treatment. Our Niti wires reduce the number of archwire changes by remaining continuously active. Super Elastic NiTi is completely austenitic at room temperature and delivers constant force for more efficient tooth movement through its advanced metallurgical composition. It’s extremely smooth finish reduces friction, allowing teeth to move easily along the archwire. This wire allows alteration for custom bends or loops. Super Elastic NiTi allows for a high degree of deflection without causing deformation of the original arch form’s characteristics. These are superior quality Super Elastic Nickel Titanium wires for your practice.
10 per Pack.

Sizes available in natural form:

  • .012″ | .014″ | .016″ | .018″
  • .016″ x .022″
  • .019″ x .025″

Stainless Steel

Orthoshop’s Stainless Steel wires are formed from only the finest 304v medical grade stainless steel ensuring a product high in quality and consistent in performance. In addition our manufacturer uses state of the art forming equipment which ensures product integrity, consistent performance characteristics and precise arch forms. Stainless Steel wires are excellent for detailing and finishing. They also accept intricate bends without breaking.
10 per Pack.