Renew® Finishing System Burs – STEP 1

Renew® Bur 118S

The 118S is a special 18 fluted bur design for controlled removal of bulk bonding adheseive after the brackets have been removed. These non-tapered friction grip burs cut quickly and do not promote fissures. 1 Per pack.

Renew® Bur 118L

The 118L is a longer shank version of the 118S with the same excellent adhesive removal properties. These non-tapered friction grip burs cut quickly and do not promote fissures. 1 Per pack.

Renew® Finishing System Points #383 – STEP 2

The Renew® Finishing System Points will remove small residual amounts from the tooth surface and will polish the enamel without damage. It’s rubberized tapered shape facilitates removal of adhesive close to the gingival.
Each pack contains 12 points.

Latch (Slow Hand Piece)

Friction Grip (Fast Hand Piece)


Diamond Bur 129

A medium abrasion bur recommended for roughening and preparing plastic, composite restorations and metal surfaces.  This is an excellent quality medium diamond bur at a very affordable price. 1 Per pack.


Bond-a-Braid Lingual Retainer Wire is excellent for semi-permanent orthodontic splinting of the upper or lower incisors. 10 pieces per tube



Light Bond Adhesive Syringe

A 5g Syringe with unsurpassed bond strength. Smooth tacky paste viscosity. Use on metal, ceramic, sapphire or plastic brackets. Is removed easily without enamel scarring.



Light Bond Primer/ Sealant

This 7cc bottle is used optimally with light bond adhesive for a perfect bond.




Ultra Band Lok

Ultra Band Lok is a single paste compomer band cement, containing fluoride. This means no wasteful mixing while light activation offers no time restraints. 5g Syringes available in a blue shade.


Flowtain LV

A flowable, light cured composite. The material is very smooth when cured, which will reduce wear and enhance patient comfort. It has low viscosity which makes it ideal for bonded lingual retainers and splints.

Assure Plus

All surface bonding resin/primer – ONE bottle for all surfaces. Bonds to Wet or Dry Normal Atypical Enamel, Dentin/ Cementium, Composite, Zirconia, Gold, Amalgam, Stainless Steel, Porcelain and Acrylic Temporary/Pontic Teeth. 6cc Bottle.

Stainless Steel Orto FlexTech® Dental Retention System

30% increase in tensile strength compared to Gold Ortho-FlexTech and 300% in torsional strength compared to Gold Ortho-FlexTech. Half the cost of Gold Ortho-FlexTech. Same great patented design and ease of use for superior results. 30″ stainless steel chain.

GoTo™ Light Cure Bracket Adhesive

  • Unique viscosity properties
  • It has the same feel, handling, viscosity and cleanup as a leading bracket adhesive but at a fraction of the price
  • Single piece flash clean up –  “roping” off the tooth
  • 4g Push syringePolymer-thickened phosphoric acid formulation intended for use on enamel and dentin.