Aesthetic Brackets

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Features & Benefits

  • The Starlight Sapphire Bracket is manufactured from monocrystalline alumina.
  • This ensures superior clarity and virtually no staining.
  • It has a Silica Coating over the whole bracket, not just the slot, which gives excellent
  • sliding characteristics which are comparable to metal brackets. It also gives more durability and fewer breakages and is helpful when de-bonding to avoid splintering.
  • Has superior transparency with rounded edges.
  • It is low profile for patient comfort, minimal contact to soft tissue and has smooth surface and rounded wings.
  • It has a curved base.
  • The retentive part of the base has been diminished in size (see picture for circular retentive base) which helps at de-bonding while being sufficient for stable bonding

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Click here to download the Starlight Sapphire Brackets brochure